I’m getting ready for the up and coming cold months.  I have been stock piling wool to spin and getting the last of my dying done.  I love using natural dyes, onion skins, red cabbage, spinach, black beans and black walnuts.  The colors are muted and so pretty.

I believe I’m like other spinners with more than one wheel, at least I like to think that I am.  There’s always room for one more wheel isn’t there?   Now I am looking at weaving looms.  Not sure where to start.  My space is limited so I’m looking at one on a stand and not a floor loom.  I have my eye on an Ashford 32″ Rigid Heddle.  Any thoughts for someone who hasn’t woven in a long time?


Autumn has arrived


This is my favorite time of year.  I have been cutting back the garden and hanging my herbs and yarrow to dry.  The air is crisp, the colors are starting to pop and the ghouls and goblins will be arriving in a few weeks for their treats.  The bittersweet and the gourds have been the topic for the farmer’s porch and the decorating inside will be simple.  Bowls full of pinecones, black walnuts and drieds.  The garlands of gourds and nuts will replace the Leather Britches and Okra.  

I’m not thinking of the barbecue any longer but have thoughts of cooking hearty soups and stews that nourish the soul.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


I found a fix for the spinning wheel and it’s working perfectly for me.  A little thought goes a long way.  I have been spinning for a while now and everything works like a charm.  I guess you’d say I’m tickled pink with my little mustard CPW wheel!dscn7259dscn7263





This past weekend I found myself rescuing an antique spinning wheel from just being a decoration in someone’s home to being loved and used.  It is a Jeremie Ouelett wheel which dates back between 1840 & 1860 and touts his initials on the back of the table.   She is a beauty in her own right showing off a soft mustard paint.  A good cleaning and repairs were in order as well as a good dose of oil to get a nice smooth spin.

If anyone can offer some help with how the footman attaches to the axle I sure would appreciate it.  (pic below) The footman works its way off as it spins.  I have “cleverly” wound a rubber band around the tip to keep the footman in place (temporarily).  I just had to be able to give it a go and it spins as nicely as it did over a hundred years ago.