Anyone who knows me well knows that I love antiques and I fill my home with them.  The screen on my grain sifter had holes and rust and was really looking pretty sad to keep on display any longer.  When deciding what to do with it I thought it would make a great frame.  A small hooking project and an old sifter made for a nice piece I can display.  I’m quite pleased with this little gem.



I pulled the last loop, crocheted my border (a tip from Karen @ and tucked in all my ends.  I am so pleased with the outcome I just had to share.  Now to find a spot to hang this baby and get going on a new venture!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


With rain all day yesterday and another dull dreary day today it’s a good day to work on my hooking.  It seemed fitting to be working on bright blue skies above the barn.  This is quite the undertaking for me to be making a rug this size being a new hooker and all.  This piece measures 20″ x 40″ and is quite the undertaking (for me at least).  

I already have an idea for my next piece which will be small and fit seamlessly in my Primitive home.  Updates to come.

I hope you all have a great week.



I’m sure there are those of you, who like me, are out and about with a friend and the infamous fabric store is looming in the background.  You just can’t pass it by, you have to walk through that door.  Do that I did.  As I’m traversing the aisles I see the Monks Cloth.  I can justify buying some more to have on hand for my next project.  I grab the bolt and what do I see?  I had to look twice……….Yes, the price…….under $7 a yard!!!  Who woulda thought?   Needless to say yard after yard was measured out and it now sits in my fabric cupboard!

So on to one of my favorite Primitives Shops down the road where I drool over the Antiques & Primitives that I like to fill my home with and I beeline it over to the wall unit with hoards of wool and choose a few colors to add to my stash.  I have a few hooks to choose from and this one is my Gram’s.  The red handle is worn from her hand and my Mothers as well.  It’s a treasure to me and the one I choose to work with most of the time.  I have a few rugs that were made by them both.  They have been well used and are flattened with age, the colors are more drab as they used what were pieces of clothing that was salvaged.  The designs were original, something they dreamt up and treasures in their own right made 80 plus years ago in what spare time they had after laundry day, making bread for the week, tending the gardens & leading what we now call The Simple Life, which wasn’t simple at all.