What do you do when you have 9 Pine Trees cut down?
You make a Navajo Weaving Loom!
This loom is meant to be a Weighted Loom. (which will be the next project) but will work like this for now. I had so much fun locating just the right branch then removing all of the bark. I used no screws or nails but pegged everything together and wrapped all the joints with raffia to make it a bit more decorative.
The bar you see to the front on the forks will be for my continuous heddle strings (which is next). This was so much fun!

Autumn is almost here

Fall is coming fast and I’m not ready.  I have this gorgeous white Merino wool and the soft brown Shetland Moorit to spin.  It will make the most beautiful Iceland Sweater for the winter months. 

I learned knitting when I was a child from my Grandmother and my Mom.  I am thankful for the many lessons and now that I have learned to spin things have come to fruition.  A local farm has offered me Sheep wool coming this Fall and Alpaca come this Spring.  That will be another learning curve for me to learn the process of skirting, washing & carding all of the beautiful wool.  I’m a happy camper!

Dreary wet morning here today in New England.  Makes for a good dying day.  I have loaded 2 huge stock pots with 2 pounds of Queen Anne’s Lace and the house smells so lemony.  I’m looking to get a nice yellow/gold color from these batches to dye some wool for spinning.  I have already done a batch of black beans and got a gorgeous color blue and did a batch with dried black walnuts saved from last year.  I love the colors from natural dyes.