Autumn is almost here

Fall is coming fast and I’m not ready.  I have this gorgeous white Merino wool and the soft brown Shetland Moorit to spin.  It will make the most beautiful Iceland Sweater for the winter months. 

I learned knitting when I was a child from my Grandmother and my Mom.  I am thankful for the many lessons and now that I have learned to spin things have come to fruition.  A local farm has offered me Sheep wool coming this Fall and Alpaca come this Spring.  That will be another learning curve for me to learn the process of skirting, washing & carding all of the beautiful wool.  I’m a happy camper!

6 thoughts on “Autumn is almost here

  1. How exciting! When you make something from “sheep to shawl” (or should I say jumper/sweater!) it is an enjoyable and satisfying experience indeed. Your Shetland Moorit and Merino look delicious, and I know it will bring you hours of enjoyment, not to mention wearing what you’ve created. I recently returned from Iceland…their sweaters are gorgeous!!!

    • Nancy,
      Icelandic sweaters are my absolute favorite especially when made with Lopi wool.
      Would I ever like to get my hands on some of that!

      • It is easily ordered. But I did purchase two skeins from a lovely little knitting shop in Isafjordur, enough to make some squares for a pumpkin mat! 🙂 It is quite scratchy, btw, meant only for outer wear…

        • Oh definitely for outerwear! I always wear something under my sweaters or I’d be so itchy!
          What a nice trip that was for you! Please share your pumpkin mat when it’s done. I’m not sure
          if you have a website or blog, I only get your email address but if so please share.

  2. Hi Marcia,
    Your wool is just beautiful and I’m sure you will enjoy the process of working with it!
    Sadly, my talents do not include knitting but I certainly appreciate the wonderful sweaters made with those gorgeous wools!
    Take care and Happy creating!
    Heart Hugs ~

    • Hi Julie,
      I had a Grandmother who taught me to knit, crochet (handkerchiefs mind you) and even
      went to far as to try to teach me how to tat lace. I’ve long forgotten tatting and all I get now
      is knots! I love knitting in the winter evenings when it’s cold outside I find it therapeutic.

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