What do you do when you have 9 Pine Trees cut down?
You make a Navajo Weaving Loom!
This loom is meant to be a Weighted Loom. (which will be the next project) but will work like this for now. I had so much fun locating just the right branch then removing all of the bark. I used no screws or nails but pegged everything together and wrapped all the joints with raffia to make it a bit more decorative.
The bar you see to the front on the forks will be for my continuous heddle strings (which is next). This was so much fun!

4 thoughts on “YANKEE INGENUITY

  1. Totally fascinated by this!!!! Will you use stones (maybe hag-stones) for weights? I really admire what you’re doing here! It’s beautiful…and that Indian basket on the wall behind it adds to your photo!

    • Thanks Nancy! I was thinking of the traditional stones but may make weights
      with Clay to be able to have even weight for each.
      The basket was a gift from my son from his travels, it’s my favorite.

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