I had the best day today!!! things went so smoothly I almost didn’t think things were real.

This morning I put in a bid at the very last 60 seconds for a Fraser cutter and WON!  Then latched onto another cutting wheel for it.  Of course that meant I needed to get all of my wool washed and ready to go and also hunted down a few wool skirts at the Goodwill to add to my collection.  I lucked out at 50% off as I happened to pick items with the proper colored tag.  Who knew?

I will have to start the bake-off and get my Christmas cookies done as I mail them out to my son in Texas.  I’m behind the eight ball with my decorating as I have only placed one tiny little tree so far…………tomorrow’s another day.


2 thoughts on “WHAT A DAY!

  1. Hi Marcia,
    It sounds like THE PERFECT DAY!!!! What a great start to December!!! I still need to get myself a wool cutter and hope to find a good deal someday, too!!!
    Love your little tree and that wonderful set of drawers behind it!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~

    • Thank you Julie. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m not getting notifications for some reason or another. I found the cutter on Ebay. Put my highest bid in at the last 60 seconds.The cutter came today and looks brand new and runs like a dream. I’m excited to have one and not have to use the rotary cutter anymore. The drawers behind the tree are my favorite! I was lucky to find them in a local Primitives shop where the prices are more than fair.
      Have a good week.

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