I pulled out a new piece of cloth yesterday afternoon hoping to gain some inspiration for a new hooked piece.  I am at a loss as to what it will be.  I’m watching the chickadees and nuthatches sitting on the bare branches and in the rhododendron with the snow falling around them…….possible.

I walk around the house looking for further inspiration and see my crocks lined up in the cupboard…….I kind of like that idea, maybe with a branch of bittersweet or tallow berries.  Oh! and pine trees, yes, I would like that too, with a nice blue sky or a darkened sky with tiny stars.  This is a predicament, my mind is whirring with ideas.  For now, I will sit with a cup of coffee, thumb through A Simple Life magazine and focus on something else.  It will come to me……………….

4 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO?

  1. It is dark and damp here. We have lost a lot of snow. The country road is down to mud. Normally I would not be thrilled but for this time in Jan. I am. However, I have a sick with bad cold husband who has taken over the living room. Complete with all the quilts, a pillow, Kleenex, a ‘spit’ can. A cup or orange juice.
    I think I will bundle up and take the cats for a walk in the hay field, while most of the snow is gone. It is supposed to snow later today.
    I am trying to think of ‘ quiet’ things to do. This is day 2. Hope there aren’t too many more ‘days’. And hoping I DON’T GET THIS. I am spraying Lysol on all surfaces.
    OH JOY!

    • It’s a dreary day today here too. Funny how they get sick and take over! Keep the Lysol going, wash
      your hands a lot and keep some OJ for yourself. Enjoy your walk Pat.

  2. Hi Marcia,
    Yes, it WILL COME!!! Inspiration is all around and I love those ideas you mentioned already!!! Looking forward to seeing what you choose!! I was wondering what you decided to do about your wool worms for storing? Hope my suggestions were a help!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

    • Hi Julie,
      Your idea of the hat box gave me the idea of using a large firkin I have that is a side table for a chair. I used ziptop bags with a huge binder type ring, punched a hole in each bag and gathered them on the ring. They all reside in the firkin sight unseen and I can pull them all out in one bunch. The pattern is still in the works in my head to surface at a later date………hopefully. I’ve been going through my stash of wool to hoping to gather inspiration from the colors!

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