I love working on furniture, refinishing and painting.  I have been known to build my own weaving loom.  One because I’m not sure I would like to weave on an actual loom and not the back-strap I made years ago. I didn’t want the expense to purchase and find it’s not my thing so I built one myself.  Made the pattern and gathered up all of my old wood scraps and went about it.  That being said, I finished one and it works!  Still not sure I like to weave so on to the next project.  I’m terrible like that.  I like rug hooking, did a couple of rugs probably 15 years ago.  I’ve started up again using wool (typical) and I did a small piece with my own hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn.

I don’t have a rug hooking frame so I am using a lap hoop meant for quilting that works though it is challenging to keep my work tight.  It isn’t the most comfortable and in an email to my son a week or so ago (he lives cross country) I told him my idea of making my own frame and purchasing the rug tacks to add to it when finished and sent him a picture of a frame that I would use as a model.  We talked again a couple of days ago and he told me he didn’t think I could do it, and that it seems as though making it adjustable would NOT be an easy task…….etc. etc..  Very unlike him.  He’s usually the one to say go ahead and try it knowing if it’s a failure at least you learn from it.  He knows how I roll!

So what’s next in this saga?  He texts me and says I have a package being delivered today.  Oh, you know where this is going………………

YESSIREEBOB!  I am so excited!  My new frame from Wolfe Farm!

4 thoughts on “SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

  1. Hi Marcia,
    What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE from your son!!!! He was certainly raised well!!
    It’s a beauty and I know you will be excited to start hooking!! Congrats to you, and BRAVO to your son!!
    Enjoy your new treasure and your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. For where your treasure lies there will your heart be also. I would say your treasure and heart are being held by your son. He is beautiful and the frame very very nice.

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