With rain all day yesterday and another dull dreary day today it’s a good day to work on my hooking.  It seemed fitting to be working on bright blue skies above the barn.  This is quite the undertaking for me to be making a rug this size being a new hooker and all.  This piece measures 20″ x 40″ and is quite the undertaking (for me at least).  

I already have an idea for my next piece which will be small and fit seamlessly in my Primitive home.  Updates to come.

I hope you all have a great week.


6 thoughts on “WORKING ON BLUE SKIES

  1. What a beautiful piece Marcia – you did take on a big one for the first time (smiles!)
    I have a large one in the process that has been waiting for me to finish going on 3 years now lol Seems there is always something else taking priority.
    Love your work…oh, and it is a dreary rainy (pouring actually) day here too.

    • Thanks Karen. You are so busy with your website orders and I’m sure you’ll get to it. I like having another project waiting in the wings!

    • Many thanks Julie. I just pulled the last loop! Now for the binding.
      I’m including a primitive item in my next one. I have drawn out my new pattern and can’t wait to start!
      Have a great week.

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