Anyone who knows me well knows that I love antiques and I fill my home with them.  The screen on my grain sifter had holes and rust and was really looking pretty sad to keep on display any longer.  When deciding what to do with it I thought it would make a great frame.  A small hooking project and an old sifter made for a nice piece I can display.  I’m quite pleased with this little gem.


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    • Thank you so much Lori. I haven’t replied until now because I found your comment
      in my spam folder. I’m sorry about that.

  1. Hi Marcia,
    You “Made Do”, just like our foremothers did!! Looks perfect with your hooked piece!! I have 4 different size sifters and love using them for display!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and have a happy week!
    Heart Hugs~

    • It seems when you get one there’s always another that needs a home. I love having them or any primitive for that matter. You have a good week too.

    • Thanks Karen
      Antiques have history that I can’t seem to let go eve when they’re rough.
      I somehow manage to find a new use.

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