I frequently visit a friend’s Primitives Shop and always manage to find some goodies but today was a different story.  Her furnace sprung a leak, she had to move so many items out of the way for the repairs to be done so I went to help put things back to rights after the repairman left.  Before digging in and getting things done we decided to visit the owner of another shop.  (we had to include something fun!) I probably don’t need to tell you that we spent hours looking at all of his wonderful antiques and primitives and also chatting up a storm with he and his wife.  What fun!

Neither of us left empty and we found some great treasures.  I was so happy to come home with a small antique yarn winder and a vintage 1940’s Peacock Weaving Loom.  Not to mention the beautiful rich colors of the wools she offers in her shop that will be the highlight in my next hooking project.  Last but not least the mailman dropped off my order of gorgeous Shetland Moorit that I quickly braided up and is waiting in the wings to be spun.  Oh where do I start?  What do I do first?  This is a predicament I am happy to have.  


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  1. Now that is what I call a perfect day…well not for your friends shop but what the two of you did to get away from it all for the day!
    Your new found treasures and to say nothing about that gorgeous wool….are all so wonderful.
    Have a great rest of your week….it has been raining here since late Saturday afternoon Yuuuukkkk!!!

    • Karen we had so much fun, when we get together and go junking we always manage to come
      home with an armful of goodies. I love antiques but when I can combine it with a project I enjoy
      it’s that much better. Yuuukkk is right! It’s rainy and dreary here too!

  2. Hi Marcia,
    So sorry about your friend’s furnace, but it seems like it was the perfect reason for the two of you to get away and have some fun!! Your new treasures are just wonderful and love the attic finish of the winder and loom!! The Shetland Moorit reminds me of flax and the wool is beautiful!! Looks like the Perfect Score!!
    Wish I could send you some of our Arizona sunshine!!!
    Enjoy your week!!!
    Heart Hugs~

    • Oh we had a blast Julie and I came away with 2 nice treasures. I love spinning the Shetland Moorit and if I was smart I would
      spin some Flax to use as warp for the loom and weave a nice piece with the Moorit. So many ideas floating around in my head!
      I would love some of your Arizona sunshine, do your best to send some my way it’s cold, damp and so dreary.

    • Thanks Lori, I’m on my way already. It’s such a dreary rainy day so spinning was in the queue for the day.
      I would love to be out on the farmer’s porch with my wheel instead of indoors………another day.

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