I love working with my hands.  Refinishing furniture, rug hooking, spinning wool, knitting and I could go on.  My little antique weaving loom came with no heddle bars, pickup sticks or shuttles.  That was an easy fix.  The string heddles on the other hand were missing, I had no idea of the size so that was the first challenge and through trial and error I figured it out.  My next task was making a jig to measure out the lengths of cording I needed and then the task of tying 100 heddle strings! Yes, 100 plus a few extra in the event one breaks.  It’s a tedious job to say the least and one that I don’t enjoy.  I keep reminding myself that when it’s all done I will finally be able to enjoy this little antique loom.   Now as I’m regaling you with my trial and tribulations I’m thinking it might be nice to fashion a stand so that it can be used without sitting at a table.  I’ll have to think about that one.



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  1. Yikes …my head is spinning just trying to figure out how you do this ! My Mother & sister-in-law both weaved beautiful things. Special heirlooms !!!

    • Nancy, I’m not sure my head was in the right place when I decided to take the loom home. Had I thought
      of having to MAKE the heddles I may have passed on it altogether. Purchasing them wasn’t an option,
      no one makes the proper size for the loom. I love having heirlooms from my family. My Gram wove all of
      her sheets in Italy and hand stitched her initials on one and her name on the other. Such dedication!
      I have folded them and they lay across the beds at the bottom over quilts my Mom made. I love it.

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