All of my projects took the back burner so I could get some things done in this old house.  Give a girl a heat gun and watch what she does……….

I have wanted to strip my front door since I bought my house and now that the inside is done I’m getting outside.  I loved the red on my front door but being that it’s inside the Farmer’s Porch it was too dark and I had a pretty good idea of what was under all of the paint.   The red went away, the trim was painted the same as all of the trim on the house.  Layers and layers of paint was stripped away to find a solid wood oak door that had gorgeous trim.  Three days of pulling off paint then the finish work and me smelling like burnt paint from using the heat gun and I’m finally done.  I am so happy with the outcome.





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  1. Hi Marcia,
    I hope you rewarded yourself with a tall glass of Iced Tea when you were done!!!
    There is just nothing like old wood and the door is a beauty!!
    Great job! Wonder what your next project will be?
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

    • A glass of wine might have been the ticket! I sat down for a few minutes and got to
      making oatmeal cookies to share with a friend who gave me the neatest wooden garden bench
      with white peeling paint and in need of repair. That’s the next project. Repairing,
      sanding just enough to keep it shabby then poly to seal. I think that will be next in line.
      I never stop!!!

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