It’s a dull, dreary, rainy kind of day here today so it means being inside.  I did go out into the yard and into the woods to gather lichen from the trees and rocks.  I want to use it to dye wool to spin.  I love using natural dyes.  I’ve used onion skins, beets, raspberries & black walnuts so far and I’m up for another challenge.  The Lichen being one & I’m thinking Rhododendron, Queen Anne’s Lace, Poke Weed & Sumac to name a few.

I spent some time this morning spinning my own Wool Moire thread, something I hadn’t done before.  I love the nubby, rustic texture I got with the Shetland Moorit.  The Morino wool is very smooth with little texture.  I will have to add more wool types in my stash.

One thought on “THINGS I DO ON A RAINY DAY

  1. Hi Marcia,
    Your Moire wool thread is just wonderful!! You are so very talented!!! Love the spools they are on, too!!! It will be so nice to use it when you are ready for just the right project!!!
    Hope you enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

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