My evolving rug and its never ending changes

After picking wildflowers that randomly came up along the woods in my yard and laying them in a basket gave me the idea this would make a nice rug.  My intentions were, I thought, pretty good.  A nice bunch of flowers in a basket.  Yes, I like that idea.

In my stash of wool I have a beautiful cloth that depending on how you look at it is a deep blue or a deep green.  It all depends on the light.  It would make for a perfect background. 


I drew my design up on my cloth and started.  I wasn’t at all like the wildflowers I imagined them to be.  Rip it out…..start over…..the flowers were to stout and thick…..the basket too large and clunky looking…..maybe an urn?  a clay pot?……rip it out and begin again.  This poor cloth can’t take much more!  




Backgrounds for me are tedious as they don’t change much.  I added some movement but it didn’t have the subtlety I imagined sooooooo…..another change in the making.  This poor cloth can’t take much more!

I now have the flowers I wanted all along.

Next up,  a border….tongues?…..leaves?…. or a combination.  I will have to dig deep into the recesses…..or maybe I’ll just wing it!!  


2 thoughts on “My evolving rug and its never ending changes

    • Thank you. This rug has come a long way from conception. I’ve made a change to the clay
      pot again, it was too wide of a strip for my liking. I have spun and dyed wool to use on the
      binding so I’m on the way to a finished piece. It’s kind of sad as I enjoyed working on
      this one.

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